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Everyone I love is still here.

the light

While at Walgreen's with boy picking up his prescriptions I found this LED lantern. Styled like old timey lanterns are but with a light that does not blow out. I stared at it... Imaging myself searching for a lost child in the woods. Snow crunching under my feet. The light of it casting a circle about the found cold boy just as the edge is catching the gleam of wolves' eyes as they realize they will have to find another meal. Or perhaps I could stand out on the shores of Lake Mendota some night. Pitch black. The lonely wail of wind. A ship lost on the water, the crew hopeless. As I raise my sole lantern in the darkness. A beacon of hope for those poor men. Standing at the edge of the lake, arm out stretched, lantern high, skirts blowing around me, my scarf wiping back and forth... They see that single light. Heading toward it, not knowing if I am mermaid or maiden. If I am maker or saint. I am end or hope... And then boy comes up behind and puts his arms around me. "Nice lantern," he says, "You could be quite forlorn with that"... AND THAT FOLKS is why my boy gets me.

Oct. 25th, 2012

this. are. amazing.

Sep. 20th, 2012

things are amazing. living here is amazing. beauty is amazing. boy and i got back together and we're in the weirdest situation, but its working. and its working out amazingly.
things have been weepy sad lately.

but i suddenly have the feeling like i'm preparing for something great!
what tide turned? what went in my favor? i have no idea.

if you can read this, i miss you
i came across sol invictus' album "in the rain" today. so long since i've listened to it. how it takes me right back to where i was when i was listening to it. how painfully creative i was then.how i had to make or i couldn't think.

May. 14th, 2012

nothing anyone says is relevant to my interests anymore.


Hi kittens! My birthday is coming up! And since I live so far away from all of my wonderful friends now I'd like you to do something that brings you closer to me and helps animals at the same time. As you may know I work at the local Humane Society. We have a sponsor program for $35 dollars for time the animal is with us. That helps care for the animal and your name goes on the website as an animal sponsor. Since I can't have my friends near me for my birthday it would make me SO HAPPY to see your names listed with these animals I work with.

Don't have $35 to spare, you can make a donation in any amount.

Honestly you can make a donation to any charity you'd like in any amount you'd like and I'd be so pleased! But seeing my friend's names listed with these animals brings you closer to me and makes me feel a little less lonely out here.
Dear LJ,
I work a lot and am tired. That's really as riveting as things have been as of late. I wish I could flood you with the tales of enchanting lore and strange adventures, but this girl has not been a part of that world lately.

my life needs to get a lot more weirder (back to my normal) or i'm going to go out of my head.

on a good note.

this is what the world looks/sounds like to me


i fell in with a crowd of drifters

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